Friday, December 12, 2014

Focus on Long III

Going REALLY long... I mean Jeff fucking STRYKER long tonight, ladies ~n~ gents! Only two tunes in the entire two hour show! And the artists are two of the 20th century's heavy-hitters in the modern classical/experimental fields. Xenakis and Stockhausen. The Karlheinz piece is the one that inspired the Beatles' Revolution Number Nine. So sit back, relax, take a Xanex and melt into your recliner, cause these two ditties are loooong and slooooow and trippe'!

1. Karlheinz Stockhausen ~ Region 3+4 (1967) {Hymnen: Für elektronische und konkrete Klänge}
2. Iannis Xenakis ~ La legende d'Eer (1977) {La legende d'Eer}

Focus on Long II

Having RL issues so am quite in the rears now with the blog... SORRY! This show actually aired on November 28th and MAY be lost in the mists of time... ITSELF! I left the capture program running in the studio all night and there was a power outage the next morning and I haven't been in yet to see if the show survived yet. I completely forgot last week that it was Friday until 2AM, so I didn't even do one then... This list continues my focus on long numbers.

1. Taj-Mahal Travelers ~ The Taj-Mahal Travelers Between 6:20-6:46 P.M (1972) {July 15th, 1972}
2. Ash Ra Temple ~ Traummaschine (1973) {First}
3. Ilitch ~ Periodikmindtrouble (1978) {Periodikmindtrouble}
4. Univers Zero ~ La Faulx (1979) {Heresie}

Friday, November 21, 2014

Focus on long 1

As the title of this post implies, I've decided to devote a few shows to some of the longer pieces performed by some of the list's artists. I'm still planning on throwing in one crammed with as many acts as I can fit into my 2 hour show, seeing as I have in my library well over 100 songs clocking in under a minute, perhaps even more clock in at over 1/2 an hour. I try and put some 15, 20 minute bits in each week and occasionally sneak in a 30, but I don't get a chance to play many and some of the acts ONLY have songs that long or longer, so they don't get much attention at all on this podcast. Many of the latter also focus mainly on experimental/concrete/inaccessible stuff so in the coming weeks there will be shows devoted mainly to that, not unlike what I did on Halloween (which will this weekend along with the other casts not on the blog, be put there)...

1. Magma ~ Köhntarkösz version 2 (1974) {Köhntarkösz}
2. Frank Zappa ~ Billy the Mountain (1972) {Just another band from LA}
3. Catherine Ribeiro & le Alpes (1972) {Paix}
4. Pôle ~ Inside The Dream (1975) {Inside The Dream}

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Behind again...

Sorry for being 6 weeks of shows behind... AGAIN! lol. The computer at the radio station I use to upload the shows after they're recorded has been off the interwebs for a few weeks now. I've gone in each week expecting it fixed but finding it not. I am going to bring a thumb drive with me this week and get it all caught up this weekend.

Friday, November 14, 2014



1. Faust ~ Baby (1986) {Munich and Elsewhere}
2. Jean Cohen-Solal ~ Ab Hoc et Ab Hac (1973) {Captain Tarthopom}
3. Pere Ubu ~ 30 Seconds Over Tokyo (1975) {30 Seconds Over Tokyo EP}
4. Residents ~ Leapinbg and Lords  (2004) {12 Days of Brumalia}
5. Tangerine Dream ~ Spiral Star Date (2005) {Rocking Mars}
6. Soft Machine ~ I Should've Known (1988) {Jet Propelled Photographs}
7. Fire, Water, Air (Yahowa 13) ~ We Are the Atlantians (2005) {God and Hair Unreleased Materials}
8. Fritz Muller Rock ~ Gisela (1977) {Fritz Muller Rock}
9. Floh de Cologne ~ Rein Technisches (1974) {Mumien, Vietnam}
10. Albert Marcoeur ~ Deux lions au Soleil - Part 4 (1982) {Untitled split cassette with This Heat}
11. Grobschnitt ~ Severity Town (1977) {Rockpommel's Land}
12. Alvaro ~ Tonteras (1995) {In Berlin}
13. Can ~ In the Distance Lies the Future (1989) {Rite Time}
14. Cabaret Voltaire ~ In Quest of the Unusual (1980) {1974 - 1976}
15. Pierre Henry ~ Danse Electromatic (1973) {Machine Danse}
16. Limbus 3 ~ Breughel's Hochzeitstanz (1969) {Breughel's Hochzeitstanz}
17. Third Ear Band ~ Inverness: Macbeth's Return-The Preparation-Fanfare-Duncan's Arrival (1972) {Music From Macbeth}
18. Roberto Colombo ~ Dai non Fare il Romantico (1977) {Botte da Orbi}
19. L'infonie ~ Prelude XXII (1972) {Vol. 333}
20. Art Bears ~ In Two Minds (1978) {Hopes and Fears}
21. Besombes-Rizet ~ Evelyse (1975) {Pôle}
22. Franco Battiato ~ Una Cellula (1972) {Fetus}

Friday, November 7, 2014

Short to Long...

A couple weeks ago I promised to devote a show to as many acts as I could and seeing how actually well over a hundred of the pieces I have collected are under a minute, this should be easy. ...but hella time consuming so I've put it off. This week though KIIIIIiiinda in that theme, I had WinAmp male me another random list and the 1st 1:45 worth of the songs ranged in length from about a minute to about a half an hour. I thought it would be interesting to arrange them from shortest to longest... LET'S SEE IF IT STICKS TO THE FUCKING WALL NOW!!!!!

1. Amon Düül II ~ Overture Part II (1975) {Made in Germany}
2. Blue Effect ~ Jdu Domu (2004) {Beatová Síň Slávy}
3. A.R. & Machines ~ A Book's Blues (1971) {Die Grüne Reise}
4. Residents ~ Jambalaya (1997) {Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses}
5. Hydravion ~ Santander (1979) {Stratos Airlines}
6. Magical Power Mako ~ Andromeda (195) {Super Record}
7. Xhol Caravan ~ First Day (1972) {Mother Fuckers GMBH}
8. Steve lacy Trio ~ The Gleam (1988) {The Window}
9. Ray Russell ~ Abyss (1971) {Rites and Rituals}
10. Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera ~ Raga (1971) {Lady blue}
11. Mama Béa Tekielski ~ La Mort-Musik (1977) {La Folle}
12. Ragnar Grippe ~ Sand 2 (1977) {Sand}

Hallonwween Ambience...

Demetrio Stratos ~ Le Milleuna